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Mike Garbutt immigrated to Canada from the United Kingdom in his mid 20's, and shortly afterwards met a young woman, fell in love and married. Mike spent the next 39 years of his life in a monogamous relationship as a responsible and accountable husband and father of one Son. Mike worked for most of his life, and saved enough money so as to be able to afford 12+ years of post-secondary education in Automotive Technology and Healthcare, where he spent 35 years either as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, a Medical Researcher, where he helped develop an efficacious EBOLA vaccine that's saved hundreds of thousand of lives in the DRC, and as a palliative care musician amid vulnerable people with limited functional capacities. Plus, Mike served the community for 22 years playing host on the Musicians Network (Winnipeg, MB) which nowadays has a facebook page sharing local Winnipeg music videos.

Due to the rapidly advancing standard operating procedures emerging with the latest developments in medical laboratory technology, Mike, along with his family, spent the next seven years in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, studying medical laboratory sciences, pretty much. Mike learned protocols in molecular biology and cellular biology, and used those skills while performing his duties with the Public Health Agency of Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, when he and his family moved to Winnipeg in 1998.

Upon completion of his Grade XII education, Mike returned to Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Alberta, Canada, and began studying medical laboratory sciences, and graduated with the distinction of demonstrating the the highest overall proficiency in Medical Laboratory Technology.

Upon Mike's arrival in Canada, he repeated his apprenticeship in Automotive Mechanics. Sadly, Mike suffered an injury at work and was forced to retrain, with a view to seeking re-employment and re-integration into the workforce.

Before immigrating in his mid twenties to Canada from England, United Kingdom, Mike spent more than half a dozen years in London studying Automotive Technology.

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