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Take care, and please lead by example, follow with respect, be at home with yourself and keep your guard up, tell the truth, support your position, stand your ground and watch your back too, take care, be kind and enjoy life, it's its own reward. And please remember that there are only crimes and twists of fate : )


The Science Behind Survival And Replication Syndrome (SARS)

Assembly and secretion of rubella virus-like particles in mammalian cells - Michael Garbutt's M.Sc. Thesis

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Please use this secure and convenient link to support Mike Garbutt' evolving thesis on the endeavour of survival and replication syndrome paypalme/RiffVandal Thank you : ) Stars may live 13 billion years before they begin to die. If the star is larger than our sun death may involve an incredible expansion, becoming a Red Giant, or, conversely, a star closer in size to our sun may shrivel up like a burnt out coal and become a "white dwarf," "Brown dwarf," neutron star, or... A Red Giant eats its planets, and sometimes neighboring stars before exploding, seeding the universe with new stars and the material to form new planets.

This video serves one purpose: the marriage of music with striking images to create an interesting and thought provoking work of art.

A film by Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D.

Music: Beethoven 9th Symphony (music arranged/edited by R. Joseph), Final Edited Creation (final film product) from the mind of Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D.