Christianity Is An Invention & The Evidence Is As Apparent Today As 100 Years Ago



Racial Profiling & Discriminatory Medical Practices, as well as the "invention" of psychiatry [to control the population and Vox Populi of the population; using fear tactics as well as luring with intent to entrap] in Canada: Today!

Including: MAiD & SARS I & SARS II & EBOLA the true story & Raising & Losing Family & 110 years of Biological Warfare & Christianity In Canada

What I've discovered as a Canadian Citizen (for almost as long as Canada has had Citizenship) is that serving in monogamy for 42 years as a responsible & accountable, parent & partner in a "so called" Christian Democracy has neither value nor currency as a real property & one needs to ask themselves, "Who invented Christianity" for Canadians?

Fake Christianity, invented by so-called, "Psychiatrists" as well as Fake Psychiatry is responsible for the decline in Morality in Canada I reckon. ..

Forcing ordinary people into poverty by not educating them or by not providing them with employment so they can re-integrate into society, then mis-labelling them for MAiD purposes is what has been happening for 150 years in Manitoba; EVIDENTLY

The Science Behind Survival And Replication Syndrome (SARS) described by Michael Garbutt reflects the truth. ..

The Maid whom appears in the midst of mist is the Maid I miss the most; MAiD = Humane Killing

She said, "I want this to mean something" (that's one person who does at least).
She said, "Your words pierce my heart" (fruit flies like a banana).
She said, "Volunteering is a good idea" (charity begins at home).
She said, "Please God Michael."
She said, "I'll take care of you" (indefinite physical & chemical incarceration isn't being "taken care of").

Olive's Garden : )

I begin in DNA & I am Michael Garbutt today ~ AKA Riff Vandal & the only reason I leave MyHome is for medicine.

Sadly & regrettably, after planning a family & successfully serving in Monogamy for 40+ years as a responsible as well as an accountable parent & partner & working & paying for 15 years full-time education away from home & while working away from home for 50 years, I've discovered that's got no real property value nor currency & despite earning 3 Medical Science Degrees, 4 Diplomas & being one of the most competent Medical Laboratory Technologists working to assist in developing an EBOLA vaccine for Africa & winning a competition for the job as Head Of Biological Safety & The Environment for the public health agency of canada, all I gotta say is, "that's a long road to get enough "Stories" for a CD or two's worth of Original music (or nowt), not to mention I can perform good as a musician these days too; and that's worth nowt either. ..

And I'm waiting to be framed again or worse or murdered, & it isn't easy after establishing a Gold Standard for Morality knowing that Women and Girls are prepared to lie under oath to accomplish that successfully?

Has anyone attempted to report a crime lately? I've been arrested as well as physically & chemically incarcerated 6 times for reporting crime, and I live under constant fear of that 24/7 since I live under the threat of being framed every day by some Dragon Doll of one kind or another...

Johnny Canuck DOES NOT appear to look Canadian, hold Canadian Citizenship, nor be a formally trained (IN CANADA) Medical Scientist with 40 years experience working in Canada & Healthcare in the capacity of a Medical Research Scientist, nor His family either!

Please lead by example, follow with respect, be at home with yourself and keep your guard up, tell the truth, support your position, stand your ground and watch your back too, take care, be kind and enjoy life, it's its own reward : )

And please remember that there are only crimes and twists of fate ; )

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The Science Behind Survival And Replication Syndrome (SARS)

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